Why you want to use a motion control system:

motion control system is a great way to add value and beauty to your film production is to use .  And there’s no better way to do that than with the .  The CamBlock Adventure allows filmmakers from big time feature directors to students to produce 3-axis moves that will knock your socks off.  It also brings high end motion control cinematography from the studio into the field, making location motion control a reality.  But seeing is believing so please have a look at the above video to see the CamBLOCK Adventure in action.

LA Motion Control Rental (aka: Moonshiner Media, aka: John) has the CamBLOCK Adventure ready for your next project.  We have on-location experience using the Adventure in controlled settings as well as in the back country across 4 continents.  We can work with you to optimize the motion control setup best suited for your production and refer you to an operator with the experience to take the ideas on your shot list and turn them into a reality.

Please take a look at the other sections of this site and if you think this system may be what your project is looking for please do give me us a call.